Pastor Richard and Michelle Collins

Richard and Michelle

KAAJ-LP Radio General Manager and Program Director, Rhett Sifford

Rhett Sifford, KAAJ-LP Radio

Hello! My name is Rhett Sifford and I’m the General Manager and Program Director of KAAJ-LP Radio. From a very early age, God gave me a desire to work in radio. In his goodness, He also gave me the gifts and abilities to do so. While I was in high school I became interested in sportscasting and in 2002 I earned a BA in Telecommunications from Ball State University. While working at Fox 59 in Indianapolis, I learned of a small Baptist church in the rural town of Monticello, Utah that had been miraculously blessed with a radio station and needed someone to make it run.  Over the course of the next year, the Lord showed me how He had prepared me to do this exact ministry.  It was daunting leaving the comfort of a good job and close family, but in October 2003 that’s exactly what I did.  Simply by obeying Him, God has given me two of the dreams I’ve had since childhood–to work in radio and sportscasting.  I’ve been trusting in Christ alone for salvation since I was 8 years old, and in that time his goodness has never ceased!

Russell Schafer and Edwin Taylor

Echo Williams

Erin Barry

Praise Team:
Rhett Sifford and Reid Sifford

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