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If the link doesn’t work…  Open your favorite media player, hold CTRL-U,
and enter this URL in the box:  http://kaaj-lp.purestream.net:9400

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KAAJ-LP is a low-power station broadcasting at 103.9 FM from the First Baptist Church of Monticello, Utah.  We went on the air in the Fall of 2002 and have been on the air 24/7 since.  The station’s purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ with quality Contemporary Christian music and the preaching of God’s Word.  We also feature local Monticello programming, including live broadcasts of MHS football and basketball games.  We hope you’ll discover that “Knowing And Adoring Jesus is Life’s Purpose” by joining us for an exciting program lineup each day.

Featured Programs

Focus on the Family    Adventures in Odyssey    Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre

Family Life Today    Grace to You    Let My People Think    Love Worth Finding

Renewing Your Mind    Truth for Life    Point of View    The Storyteller    Wretched Radio

Come Visit or Drop Us a Line:
116 East 500 North
PO Box 1028
Monticello, UT  84535
(435) 587-3456

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